Domain Verification Protocol makes domain name verification as easy as verifying an email address or telephone number


The Domain Verification Protocol was created to solve a problem we came up against whilst building NUM. NUM is a DNS-based protocol to store and serve structured data – providing a machine-readable online presence.

We offer a NUM Hosting service, where any company can claim their domain name and store and serve structured data for it. Naturally, one of our first onboarding barriers is to verify that a user has authority to claim a given domain name.

The industry standard is to create a DNS TXT record including a verification code for each service provider you would like to verify your domain with, but we think that’s clumsy, inefficient and a huge barrier for most business owners. As an industry we can do better.

So, that’s how the Domain Verification Protocol came about. To find out more about NUM and NUM Technology Ltd, the British company behind it take a look at the company website.

NUM Technology Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 10097965. Our registered office is: The Bradfield Centre, 184 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0GA