Domain Verification Protocol makes domain name verification as easy as verifying an email address or telephone number

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None of the data you enter will be used for anything other than building your record.
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The association between the domain and verifiable identifier listed above is hidden: only someone that knows both the domain and verifiable identifier and suspects an association between the two can use a Domain Verification record to confirm the association. However, if this association is highly sensitive – e.g. a website operated anonymously – you can select "Secret" and only authorised Service Providers will be able to verify the association. Technical explanation: We add a salt to the verifiable identifier before hashing it and only licensed service providers have access to salts.
Description (optional):
Since the verifiable identifier isn't stored in the record itself, you can use a description to help keep track of which record is for which authorised party. For the privacy conscious, it's not recomended to store the verifiable identifier in this field, but you could store a hint. For example, instead of using "", use "JS email".